Address on a house for sale earns Maryland man a $325,000 lottery jackpot

A Maryland man won a $325,000 lottery jackpot using a set of numbers that he copied from the address of a house he walked past with a friend.

The 57-year-old Upper Marlboro man told Maryland Lottery officials he and a friend were out walking recently when they spotted a house for sale with the address number 10916.

“It was my friend’s exact address, too,” the player said. “So, I knew I had to play those numbers.”

The man bought six $1 tickets and one 50-cent ticket for the Aug. 27 Pick 5 drawing, using the numbers 1-0-9-1-1.

“I checked the numbers on my phone and said, ‘Wait a minute,’ when I saw I matched the number,” he said. “I was shocked it really came out.”

The man won a total $325,000, but reduced his own prize to $275,000 by giving one of his $50,000 tickets to his friend.

“I thought it was a joke at first,” the friend said. “And then, he gave me one of the tickets to claim for myself.”

The winners said their plans for their prizes include paying bills, taking a vacation and putting the remainder in savings.