3D Artist  1996-1999 / Kalisto, Bordeaux, France

Recruited as a junior artist and used any and all assigned tasks to grow and develop skills in every aspect of game
development. Over time, progressed in skills and capabilities and was promoted to Director of Cinematics.

Key Activities Included:
·  Character modeling and texturing for PC and Playstation games
·  Creation of pre-rendered cutscenes for various released games and prototypes
·  Special effects and rotoscoping for prerendered cutscenes
Senior 3D Artist  2006-2013 / Digital Extremes, London, Canada

Recruited for facial animation for an unrealized project; redeployed as a senior character artist. Collaborated with the programming team to design in-game visual features. Participated in R&D processes along with assigned tasks when available.

Key activities included:
·  design and creation of over a hundred characters
·  modeling of realistic and stylized human characters and varied creatures
·  modeling of props both realistic and fantastical
·  classic and procedural texturing for both characters and environments
·  rigging
·  R&D for in-game special effects
·  R&D for in-game facial animation pipeline
·  Real-time shaders prototyping
Art Director  2004-2006 / Ninja Theory, Cambridge, UK

Worked with the designer of Heavenly Sword to translate his ideas into a creative vision from both a visual and technical standpoint. Married the art of creating lifelike characters with the technology of producing 2D and 3D representations, both moving and still. Managed, directed, and scheduled a team of 50 artists.

Key activities included:
·  environment art style tests creation
·  character design, storyboards and environments concept art supervision
·  character modelling, texturing and shading
·  motion capture stage and actor direction
·  design and prototype of runtime facial animation system
·  rendering engine feature design
·  runtime parametric particle engine design and prototyping
·  particle, shading and lighting artist
·  prototyping and partial implementation
·  editing and compositing
·  team scheduling, management, and HR-associated duties
·  tutoring and upgrading artists skill to latest technologies
·  recruitment of working team